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AffordHost Inc. is a hosting company that is dedicated to providing the high-quality hosting services required by businesses and industries. The vision of AffordHost is to embrace the superior quality of service needed by businesses, but at the same time to keep prices at a competitive rate.

AffordHost Inc. offers different plans to suite the different needs of its clients. Starting with our Small Business starter plan that provides users with 50 MB of disk space and sells for a very economical price, to the "IT Professional Choice" plan is targeted towards customers with higher requirements and allows customers to host up to 50 web sites using a single account.

Clients can use this service to conveniently store their web sites, files, and accomplish other web-based tasks. Our services include e-mail, web-based e-mail, and numerous other needs that businesses and individuals often require. The service includes all the standard web hosting features such as PHP scripting and MySQL Access.

If you wish to contact AffordHost regarding business relations of any sort, please use the contact page.

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